Waterless Mani-Pedis

Waterless Mani-Pedis

Better for Hands & Nails Better for the Environment!

Have you thought about waterless mani-pedi treatments? They are better for you and better for the environment!

Better for You

• Soaking in water dries out skin, nails and cuticles
• Polish will last longer if nail beds are not saturated in water first
• No contamination from sharing water basins
• Hand & foot treatments provide more intense moisturizing

Better for the Environment

• A bimonthly mani-pedi can use over 73 gallons of water per person per year!

Steps for a Waterless Manicure

1. Sanitize with a waterless sanitizer
2. Remove the polish
3. File and shape nails
4. Apply Keratin Waterless Gloves & Socks
5. Remove gloves/socks and massage excess  lotion onto arms and legs
6. Wipe nails clean
7. Apply Polish

Try Keratin Gloves & Socks today and help save water and your skin!

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