We love when our customers share what they think about our Keratin Gloves and Socks. Here are some of our favorite customer testimonials.

“A must have for anyone who struggles with dry hands/feet”

“My hands and feet feel so much more hydrated and silky soft after using the gloves and booties! My nails have even grown and look better than ever! ”
@cassandraoday Instagram

“I’ve spent so much money on healing lotions for extra dry skin and nothing seems to help…After using the keratin gloves and socks one time, my hands and feet screamed with joy! I could tell such a huge difference right away and for days after! My hands no longer peel and my feet look like I have pedicures often! This is an AWESOME product and as stated before, I’m now a customer for life! Thank you for genuinely caring for your customers and making sure they get the bang for their bucks!”
@juskaaaa Instagram

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“I would recommend this to any momma like me”

“When I opened my FabFitFun box and saw a package that said Keratin Gloves I immediately took it out and stuck it on my night stand to use THAT night. As a single mommy to two toddler boys, I am constantly washing my hands throughout the day and my skin gets really dry, especially around my knuckles. Regular lotion just soaks in and doesn’t do any permanent moisturizing. I used my Keratin Gloves about a week ago and left them on for about an hour. When I took off the gloves I couldn’t believe how soft and moisturized my hands were. And nearly 7 days later I STILL don’t have dry knuckles. I would recommend this to any momma like me who is chasing around boys who love to get dirty , who are potty training and who somehow manage to need to wash thier own hands about 100 times a day!”
@tiffthornton Instagram

“I have used the BodiPure Keratin Treatment Gloves and Socks and I’m sooo impressed!”

“I’m sooo impressed! They left my hands feeling so soft and moisturized. As a runner my feet take a beating. These socks work moisturizing miracles!”
Abi C. FabFitFun subscriber

“My hands have had a rough week. Mulched the yard, stained the fence, demolished some tile and laid new tile and grout. So I treated myself after my projects were done! My hands feel so soft and relaxed now! Love these gloves. Now I just need my next pair so I can repeat OFTEN! :-)”
@WHITBRAN1 Instagram

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“I love these!”

“Make my skin feel fresh and smooth!”
Katya S Influencer

“I used them on my hands and feet and when I finished they were like NEW HANDS AND FEET! My skin was soft and smooth and felt amazing. I will definitely be repurchasing these and perhaps gifting during the holidays!”
Carissa M. Influencer

“I recently tried these out and all I can say is I love them. First of all, I expected the product inside to be messy and hard to put on (as many of these products are), but these are so neatly packaged that all the product gets on my hands and just my hands!… The smell is subtle but really nice, and it leaves my hands feeling baby soft! This product is such a treat.”
Kristina J. Influencer

“I’m in love!”

“my hands and feet have never been softer! I’ve already ordered 5 more. this is definitely a must try!”
– Jaunice T. Influencer

“They were easy to put on. They were really big but once you get hands in and you mush the lotion all around to make sure you have everything covered they fit awesome… Very nice treatment.”
– Stacey B. Influencer

“I went to bed with the gloves and socks and woke up a few hours later, took them both off and rubbed the remaining oil/cream all over my skin and woke up looking 10 years younger!! my skin was soooooooo soft – buying it by the cartload now !”
Manon N. Influencer

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“The keratin gloves for hands and feet are amazing!”

“It’s nice to relax on the couch, digitally detox and end up with hands and feet feeling as soft as butter and looking younger.”

“My feet felt super smooth after wearing the Keratin Socks for just 20 minutes! I wore them while writing some blog posts…it was perfect!”

“I have thyroid issues and diabetes so my feet get dry and callused quickly, tried all types of lotions and at home Paraffin treats. The lotions don’t last, the Paraffin machine is cumbersome and messy. Bodipure’s Keratin socks are so easy to use, no mess, and my feet have never been softer and it lasted for days! Have ordered more and sent Keratin socks and gloves to Mom for Mother’s Day.”
@tammykwh Instagram

“What an amazing experience with Keratin Gloves & Socks from Bodipure!!”

“I have always had issues with my feet being very tough, especially my heels…even after pedicures. It’s partly heritage and walking around in bare feet for a long time. For the first time in a long time my heels are soft, silky, and beautiful!!! Now the gloves, I am an early childcare substitute teacher and a waitress so I wash my hands a ton… my cuticles and nails always look horrible. The gloves restored my nails and my cuticles look 10x better. I will be recommending this product to family, friends and teachers. Thank you Bodipure for your incredible gift of Keratin Gloves & Socks!!!”
@darnelljennifer Instagram

“I’m on Day 3 and my feet and hands are still smooth. They aren’t dry or cracked. Haven’t needed to use lotion since I used the gloves or socks which is amazing because my hands dry up a lot… so I give it two thumbs up… Definitely would use this product again..”
@beautyfxbyceleste Instagram

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“This worked SO WELL!!!”

“You don’t have to heat it up! Just apply and wait 20 minutes! Girl I feel like my feet have been at the spa!!!! I’m typing in my gloves LOL! I really like it!! Smells amazing!
@nobunintheoven Instagram

“It is an amazing product. Thnx @bodipure for this awesome product!
@spaexclusivestl Instagram

“both my feet and hands were so soft! It also softened my cuticles and I could manage them! Thank you #bodipurekeratin for the perfect product!”
@subscriptionsunboxed Instagram

“…it made me feel awesome and everyone deserves to feel awesome.”

“I love the Bodipure gloves and socks, I got them in the spring 2016 box of FabFitFun. Once I used them, I bought a pack of 12, 6 each for my mom on Mother’s Day because she deserves to feel beautiful! And guess what! So do all of you!… My hands and feet felt so soft and it has tow of benefits! The lotion has keratin in it and we all have heard about that. My skin felt so soft and nice after AND it helps strengthen nails. Let me just tell you, I didn’t think that part would be true but o-m-geesy did that work. I don’t have particularly flimsy nails but they are noticeably stronger. They are growing better, feel harder, and feel essentially unbreakable.”
Journeys with Jojo Lifestyle Blog

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“Living in South Florida, heat and humidity can really take a toll…”

“Not just that but being a typical mom and always being on the go, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc, etc…my hands and feet can get questionable to say the least! One night I poured myself a glass of wine, removed the nail polish on my fingers, put on the Bodipure Keratin Gloves and sat back and relaxed… I was most in awe with the condition of my nails They were so much stronger and healthy looking with just this one use <3”
@crueltyfreelucy Instagram

“I loved it! My hands and feet feel so much softer!! My feet get really rough from working out and they look and feel so healthy and hydrated!”
@gettinfitnlovingit Instagram


“I am obsessed with taking care of my hands and feet.”

“I love the idea of home treatments that are economical, and easy. Why go crazy trying to pay spa fees if you can do it at home?… They use 100% active vegetable ingredients that come from renewable sources, so that’s a huge plus. And you can still use your devices while wearing the gloves… My hands are exactly what I wanted. No dead skin on the palms, and the backs of my hands feel smooth and soft. The same with my feet. I am probably going to invest in a box. This at home treatment is comparable to the paraffin treatments I used to get at bliss.”
SassyEthnicBohemian Beauty Blogger

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“Want to know what I always do after I get my nails done??”

“I give myself a hand treatment with @bodipure keratin gloves. After the treatment my hands feel baby soft & the best part is that they don’t eat away, damage or dull a fresh mani! The treatment is fast (only 20 mins) & the gloves are “touch screen” friendly, which means you can scroll through Instagram while you wait. If you haven’t tried Keratin Gloves yet you need to!! Trust me, your hands & feet will thank you!”
@themindofbre Instagram

” If you’re really prepared, you’ll put these on when someone else is around so you can get a relaxing hand massage to work in the moisture. Talk about a spa treatment at home.”
The Beauty Puff Beauty Box 5 Subscriber


“Awesome product five stars for sure!!”

“I absolutely love my keratin socks and gloves. After years of suffering from dry feet I have finally found my remedy!!! I really enjoy how soft my feet are without the mess of having to apply cream and getting it all over!”
@_lashinout Instagram

“The Keratin Gloves I received in my How2BeAReadHeadBox made my hands feel incredibly smooth. There was no mess and I was able to use my computer with the gloves on allowing me to let the treatment on my hands while doing things around the house. My Skin and nails looked and felt great after using it :)”
@kellieg10 Instagram

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My feet were super soft and younger looking. I loved it!”

“I’ve used something similar to this in the past and it was just plain messy. These were separated into two smaller pouches and putting them on was incredibly simple.”
Thai Reviews Tumblr

“I received my keratin socks and gloves with my fab fit fun box and I was excited! I ended up using them during a spa night and I loved them!! My feet were actually soft for once! It was a fun thing to do and it made my skin soft and smells amazing!!! <3”
@ashleymariex0x0 Instagram

“Finally trying this out & love how instantly cool & refreshing my toes feel within two minutes of wear!”
@thatdangyankee Instagram

“I will be recommending them to friends, for sure!”

“Just got a sample of your Keratin Gloves and Socks in my Spring FabFitFun box. I used the gloves that night and cannot rave enough about them! I’m a busy mom and my nails and hands showed it. Cracked skin, peeling cuticles, and chipped nails. The Keratin Gloves helped so much with soothing my skin and cuticles!”
@oneredeemedmom Instagram

“These gloves have given me amazing results that have lasted longer than any cuticle oil or manicure! Softening me, giving me that time to think and reflect, all the extra liquid I moisturized my body with, was amazing. I’m buying more!!!”

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“I’m soooo in love with the Keratin Gloves & Socks!!! 😀 ”

“My hands, toes and cuticles looked amazingly hydrated for several DAYS like I had just gone to the spa. They were so easy to use and there was no mess and barely any clean up too. I did mine while watching TV!!”

“I tried the Bodipure Keratin Gloves and Socks this evening that were sent in my FabFitFun box. I have absolutely fallen in love with this product. My hands and feet feel amazing. The smell is lovely and it didn’t even irritate the eczema I have on my hands. I will definitely be buying some more of this product. Thank you!”
@ashleighpedersen Instagram

“I loved your product!”

“I just finished using the gloves & socks, they smelled amazing. My hands feel so soft now, I’ll try to buy more!”
@hiyaimalyssa Instagram

“Bodipure’s keratin gloves and socks were one of my favorite items from my FabFitFun box! I loved this product so much! These gloves and socks are a perfect way to pamper oneself and they leave your hands and feet feeling super smooth and soft. I highly recommend this product and will definitely be  purchasing them soon! :)”
@the_girl_who_came_to_stay Instagram

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“Beautiful hands and nails start with moisturizer!”

“The Bodipure Keratin Gloves are perfect to nourish your nails, skin and cuticles. The gloves were a treat to use.”
Beauty Brite Beauty Box 5 Subscriber

“I am in love with this product!! They smell so good and the results speak for themselves — my hands and feet are so smooth and soft. I definitely will be buying more!”

“My hands have had a rough week. Mulched the yard, stained the fence, demolished some tile and laid new tile and grout. So I treated myself after my projects were done! My hands feel so soft and relaxed now! Love these gloves. Now I just need my next pair so I can repeat OFTEN!:-)”
@WHITBRAN1 Instagram

“They were fantastic. I used them as a way to relax after a surgery I got done recently, and it was a nice distraction. Ever since my hangnails from the end of winter are gone, my cuticles are hydrated, and my hands and feet are really smooth! I left it on extra long (a full hour) to really let it all soak in. Would highly recommend to friends and family!”
@basiarogers Instagram


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