Summer Skin Care

Summer Skin Care Tips!

Cold winter weather can dry your skin, but summer can also wreak havoc if you don’t take careful steps to protect yourself. Take care of your skin this summer with these simple summer skin care tips:

• Use sunscreen every day, even when you’re not beach or poolside.
-Most sun damage occurs from everyday outdoor activities.
• Exfoliate with a scrub 1-2 times each week to help rejuvenate skin and make it glow.
• Turn down the heat in the shower…hot water dries skin.
• Sweating in the heat can cause acne to break out in new places.
-Wash often with baking soda scrubs and lotions to clean and deodorize.
• Soothe sunburned skin with cool aromatic baths.
• Hands have thin skin and can wrinkle and pigment more easily.
-Make sure to use sunscreen whenever you are outdoors and even while driving.
• Moisturize often – after bathing, after being in the sun and at bedtime.
• Treat your feet to regular pedicures to keep them soft and pretty.
-Sandals and sand can make them extra dry.

And don’t forget to use Keratin Gloves and Socks to keep your hands and feet healthy this summer!



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