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Mother’s Day Healing Set

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Bring the spa home to Mom with our triple gift set for face, hands and feet! Includes a pair of Keratin Socks, Keratin Gloves and a Biocellulose face mask! 50% off while supplies last!

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  • PREMIUM KERATIN HAND & FOOT MASK – All-in-one Hand & Foot treatment to incorporate keratin, a key protein found in skin, hair and nails.  Keratin has many benefits, including repairing existing skin damages, increasing skin elasticity and hydration and protecting skin against damaging heat and chemicals. Slip on Keratin rich gloves & socks and experience the benefits of the self-activating, deep fortifying emulsion developed to strengthen nails, soften cuticles and nourish skin.  Our active ingredients are derived from 100% vegetable, 100 renewable sources.  PARABEN AND TRICLOSAN FREE.  


  • CHARCOAL AND SEAWEED FACE MASK THAT DETOXIFIES & BRIGHTENS– Charcoal absorbs impurities & detoxifies skin.  Seaweed can moisturize and calm the skin. It is also good at combating acne, smooths skin for a glowing complexion & minimizes pores for a soft look.  MADE IN KOREA WITH 98% NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Biocellulose is a natural fiber made from 100% real coconuts.  Because of its ultra-fine web, it is extremely absorbent and adhesive – making it one of the most effective ways to transfer natural boosters to the skin for a healthy, beautiful complexion.  PARABEN AND SULFATE FREE.



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