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Keratin Gloves-1pk


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Revolutionary waterless all-in-one gloves, loaded with nourishing and hydrating keratin for smoother skin and stronger nails.

Each pouch contains a pair of Keratin Gloves and a Nail File!

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Slip on and enjoy our exclusive Keratin rich gloves. Experience the benefits of the self-activating, deep fortifying emulsion, developed to strengthen nails, soften cuticles, moisturize and nourish skin. Our active ingredients are derived from 100% vegetable, 100% renewable sources.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

   Nail strengthening – Keratin
   Deep Moisturizing – Urea
   UV Protection – AKorex L
   Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory – Copaiba Oil
   Antioxidant – Vitamin E

-No Triclosan
-No Parabens
-No Sulfates
-No Phthalates

* Package includes a pair of Keratin Gloves and a disposable nail file.

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Dimensions 4.6 × 6.5 × 0.6 in

6 reviews for Keratin Gloves-1pk

  1. sara

    This product has saved my dry hands! The cold weather turned them red and chapped. One treatment with Keratin Gloves made them soft and smooth and my cuticles and nails looked significantly better. I plan to use these regularly.

  2. N. Harris, New York City

    I just got these in a beauty box subscription and tried them for the first time. I left the gloves on for an hour. When I took them off there was a lot of lotion left that I spread over my arms. It didn’t feel greasy at all and the smell was very mild and pleasant. My skin felt really smooth and my nails and cuticles looked so much better. I will definitely make these part of my weekly manicure.

  3. Lisa

    They’re so easy to use. I get to have such soft hands without falling behind on work since I can wear them while at the computer. Since they’re touch screen friendly I don’t even have to worry about missing calls!

  4. Rachael S.

    Found you guys on Facebook and bought this pack in need of new cosmetics! Good product even though the file inside is eh. I will be purchasing more.

  5. beautybabe

    had this done at my salon and liked it. want to try it at home.

  6. jaynee

    omg….what a great idea. i love keratin in my hair so i will def try this for my nails.

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