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Keratin Gloves-48pk/box

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Revolutionary waterless all-in-one gloves, loaded with nourishing and hydrating keratin. One pouch is all you need for prefectly prepared nails ready for polish!

This box holds 48 pouches. Each pouch contains a pair of Keratin Gloves and a Nail File!

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Slip on and enjoy our exclusive Keratin rich gloves. Experience the benefits of the self-activating, deep fortifying emulsion, developed to strengthen nails, soften cuticles, moisturize and nourish skin. Our active ingredients are derived from 100% vegetable, 100% renewable sources.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

Nail strengthening – Keratin
Deep Moisturizing – Urea
UV Protection – AKorex L
Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory – Copaiba Oil
Antioxidant – Vitamin E

-No Triclosan
-No Parabens
-No Sulfates
-No Phthalates

* 48 packs (included in each package are a pair of Keratin Gloves, a disposable nail file)
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 7 in

3 reviews for Keratin Gloves-48pk/box

  1. S. Mitchell

    Wonderful product. I use this for my massage clients while they are getting treated. They really appreciate the extra service.

  2. Nancy C.

    Unbelievable how fast the shipping was. Great addition for the salon and my clients love being able to bring home some in-home spa pleasure!

  3. Sammy

    Pretty good deal for the amount you get. The best thing is those cute little nail files inside each package. These really help my dry skin too.

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