Healing Foot Massage

Healing Foot Massage

Bodipure has developed a unique, holistic foot treatment incorporating all the benefits of our nourishing, nail strengthening Keratin Socks with the deeply relaxing and therapeutic benefits of reflexology.


• Slip the Keratin Socks onto clean, dry feet.
• Massage the lotion into the nails and cuticles.
• Rest with socks on for at least 20 minutes.
• Remove the socks and use the excess lotion for the reflexology massage.
• Rub the feet in a downward motion from ankles to toes to promote circulation.
• Gently press and knead the feet with thumbs, applying pressure where needed.



• Easy to apply and cost effective.
• No need for water, massage cream or cuticle oil.
• Can be used as an add-on to facials, massages, spa treatments.
• Single use socks are hygienic and disposable.
• Can be worn over polished nails.
• Free of paraben and triclosan.
• Great for home and travel use.


And don’t forget about Keratin Gloves, the simple way to moisturize your hands and strengthen your nails! Try them both with our new Combo Packs!

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