Get Ready for Sandal Time!


Get Ready for Sandal Time!

Get your feet sandal pretty for the start of the summer season. Keratin Socks are packed with skin nourishing and nail strengthening keratin, Vitamin E and Copiaba Oil for a deep conditioning pedicure treatment that will soften calluses and provide a perfect prep for polish.

Keratin Socks are easy to use while relaxing or wear them overnight to wake up with incredibly soft feet. You can use them anytime, anywhere for an instant pedicure since no water, massage lotion or cuticle oil is needed.



Try Keratin Socks for yourself.
You can also treat your hands this summer with Keratin Gloves! Or, try our newest hand treatment: HandPure Hand Mask, the Anti-Aging and Moisturizing treatment that nourishes dry hands and restores elasticity.

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