The Cure For Damaged Nails

The Cure For Damaged Nails

Some people are lucky enough to have perfect nails au natural. Unfortunately, most of us need help to get the look of a beautiful manicure. That can mean fake nails, acrylics or gel polish. Each of these can cause damage to nails from glue and chemicals. The results are brittle, dry and weak nails that are quick to split, crack and peel. They also cause damage to your cuticles. Here are tips on getting your nails healthy again:

• Hydrate your body and make sure to drink lots of water

• Eat biotin-rich foods such as eggs, avocado, blueberries, salmon and whole grains to help nails get strong

• Take multivitamins and eat a calcium rich diet

• Wear gloves when doing chores and don’t use your nails as tools

• Don’t use too much nail polish remover as it dries nails and makes them weak

• Moisturize your nails often and massage them to stimulate blood flow


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