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From our customers


Wow! Buy this! I just tried Keratin Gloves & Socks for the first time and I am so impressed! My hands and feet never felt so great!


I recently bought these for a bridal party to use while getting pampered for the wedding. The girls loved their soft hands and feet!


The Gloves really hydrated my hands/nails. Especially the skin around my nails. That area had been dry for over a week and lotion would not help. AMAZING PRODUCT!


Keratin Gloves® and Socks

Keratin Gloves® and Socks are the first revolutionary waterless all-in-one mani-pedi treatment to incorporate keratin. They were developed exclusively as a premium spa quality hand and foot treatment. The versatility and ease of use has made Keratin Gloves® & Socks one of Bodipure’s fastest selling products, quickly gaining a large following in spas, nail and hair salons, mobile nail salons, podiatrist and dental offices. They are perfect for at-home and travel use.